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~*~Random Ramblings and Rants~*~

Believe to Understand

Current obsession: John Barrowman and the pretty pretty Torchwood

Banner by nissie_

~X~ ~X~

Loving Christopher Meloni and SVU


Banner by caths_art


Still with an obsessive love for all things X files and MSR.

MSR is love
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Gorgeous colorbar by x_1013_x
David Duchovny is all shades of yum

Delicious colorbar by itami_kitsune



Also with much love for CSI:(Las Vegas) and supporter of all things geeklove aka GSR

William Petersen is all kinds of hot

Gorgeousness by kittykaticons

But still with much love for all things House and Hugh Laurie.

Banner by brennamount
Image hosting by Photobucket

And with a rather sekrit crush on RSL, because......
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Also by the very creative brennamount

Sincere apologies, I cannot remember who made my current header. If it is you, please let me know so I can credit.

Much love to everyone that I've grabbed icons from.
If any are credited incorrectly, or if you know the creator of some of my mystery icons,
please let me know.

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